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Manage Thyself, Rewire Thyself. Neuxster is a productivity app that can track the user's goals and milestones to achieve them.

Services Provided

Mobile App for Android and iPhone. Web landing page and Admin panel to manage users and payments.
Mobile & Web App Design
Mobile & Web App Development
Landing Page Design & Development
Back-end Development
Testing & QA

The Brief

Our client wanted to make a productivity application that can help users to manage their goals, and break goals into small milestones. Neuxster also enables users to add their strengths and weakness to improve them by applying new ideas and strategies.

  • Habit Builder to track habits
  • Goal Management and milestones
  • Task Planning & distributing for goal
  • Daily Growth Score to evaluate the progress

Technological challenges

We've programmed this app to calculate users' daily growth score based on the tasks they complete, milestones they achieve, and the goals they accomplish, so they determine their progress.

Growth Score Calculation

We've developed the algorithm to calculate their daily growth score varied upon various criteria.

Goals & Milestones

Our main challenge was to manage the unaccomplished milestones, and update their new deadline or adjoining it with upcoming milestone.

Smooth UX/UI for both Android & ios.

Neuxster needed a user-centric, easy-to-understand design with easy navigation.

Reliable backend

Neuxster wanted to calculate growth scores and milestone performance. Hence, we developed a backend that can run smoothly with such functionalities.

Customized admin panel

We developed a custom admin portal to manage their users, goals, and payments with refund functionality.

Landing Page

We've developed a landing page with proper content using our copywriting skills.

Key Features

Affirmation & Gratitude

We've developed the functionality for user to manage their affirmation and gratitude, all in one place.

Know Thyself

If we take a look into our own choices, strengths, and weaknesses then we can be better people. Hence, we implemented this functionality to manage their choices, strengths, and weaknesses.

Habit Builder to cultivate habits

We've developed a habit tracking system to evaluate daily habits and actions requires for that habit.

Paypal Payment Integration.

We've integrated PayPal payment functionality based on pricing for different countries.

Goal & Milestones

User can add new goals and their possible deadline, and break them apart into small achievable milestones.

Daily Trigger

We've programmed custom trigger for users to remind them about their goals and tasks.

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