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Powerful MICRO-IDEAS On How To Build, Launch, Market And Grow Your Business. With Life Changing Ideas On Personal Growth.

Services Provided

Mobile App for Android and iPhone. Web landing page & lessons. Admin panel to manage lessons and users.
Mobile & Web App Design
Mobile & Web App Development
Landing Page Design & Development
Back-end Development
Testing & QA

The Brief

Not everyone is a reader, so Wisescroll decided to provide micro-sized lessons from best-seller books on business and personal growth. Wisescroll has their original books user can read from their website. We built mobile and web applications with an admin panel.

Technological challenges

The app provides smooth and easy learning with a seamless and user-centric design. Custom admin panel to manage the lessons, users & payments.

Smooth UX/UI for both Android & ios.

Wisescroll needed a user-centric, easy-to-understand design with easy navigation.

Reliable backend

Wisescroll wanted to show randomly selected lessons every day. Hence, we developed APIs that can select random lessons every 24 Hours.

Customized admin panel

We developed a custom admin portal to manage their users, lessons, and payments with refund functionality.

Landing Page

We've developed a landing page with proper content using our copywriting skills. It has a Free & paid version.

Key Features

Randomly selected lessons every 24-Hours

We've developed functionality to fetch randomly selected data every 24 Hours.

Search by Tags & Categories

We've developed functionality to search for lessons by tags and categories.

Lessons by Books

We've developed functionality to get lessons from a particular book.

Paypal Payment Integration.

We've integrated PayPal payment functionality based on pricing for different countries.

Discount Functionality

We've developed functionality to set the discount for the paid version.

Add & Update lessons for particular books

We've developed add and update functionalities to add books and their lessons from the admin portal.

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