"A startup messed up at its foundation can not be fixed." - Peter Thiel

Hence, we provide a solution to execute your idea through a minimum viable product and validated learning, which help you save your time and effort.

What's your champion feature AKA Minimum Viable Product?

Don't try to build the whole product but instead figure out a champion feature that people are willing to buy. MVP aims to take your champion functionality into your customer's hands asap to validate your product or service. You can't learn until you launch. So, your top priority should be launching your product and start getting feedback from your early clients.

e.g. Let's say you have a fitness program in mind, and you decided to build an application around it or a video tutorial. Your program contains Workouts, Recipes, and mobility drills.

To develop this application, we need to consider the Workouts as our champion functionality, and develop this functionality and test.

When we have an Idea, we assume a few things based on our knowledge, but when we go out in the market, it scatters. Not only this dent founder's confidence but also put the company's future in a haze. To avoid this, you must develop & validate idea superfast.

Validate through Build-Measure-Learn Feedback loop

This will eventually reveal whether the startup has gained validated learning or not. Finally, it will then figure out what product must be built.


In this phase, the startup’s goal is to build or develop its MVP that can be built for the purpose of testing a number of assumptions, or the hypothesis formulated – as quickly as possible.


In this second phase, the startup must then determine whether real progress is being made or not, and this involves measuring the results obtained from the experiment performed during the BUILD phase.


By the time you reach this stage, you'll be equipped to make sound, evidence-based business decisions about what to do next: should it “persevere”, or should it “pivot”?

Case Studies

We have lots of successful development stories for our extended family of startups and small businesses.

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